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David Winch - Television Appearances

Forensic Accountant interviewed on TAXtv

With more pressure than ever on accountants and tax advisers to get Money Laundering Reporting right, hear industry expert David Winch in conversation with Giles Mooney explaining some of the issues to be aware of and the tips and traps of a very complex area.


GMTV 13th May 2009

David appears on GMTV to discuss the MP expense claims scandal as well as the audit into these expense claims.

He touches on the subject of property "flipping", how the audit will be carried out, how long it might take and who will be paying for it.


BBC Radio 4 26th May 2009



David appears on "File on 4" after having being asked by the BBC to investigate allegations of reckless lending by HBOS which resulted in the loss of £250million . Visit the BBC website for more information.


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