Bartfields Forensic Accountants

Our Services

Bartfields Forensic Accountants are forensic accountants and chartered accountants who act as expert witnesses and advisers in relation to legal proceedings concerning crime and proceeds of crime.

This includes advising on evidence concerning financial aspects of

  • drug trafficking,
  • theft,
  • fraud,
  • obtaining by deception,
  • Benefit fraud,
  • fraudulent trading,
  • false accounting,
  • mortgage, hire purchase or loan fraud,
  • money laundering,
  • confiscation and restraint,
  • civil recovery,
  • evasion of duty,
  • evasion of tax,
  • Companies Act offences, and
  • Insolvency Act offences.

The firm also acts in relation to director’s disqualifications and our forensic accounting services are available throughout the UK.


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